Sunday, August 28, 2011

Who is Anna Hazare ?

A lot has been said and read about Anna Hazare and i am sure people have dug every little bit of detail about his life.
But in this detail, we tend to miss out on the bigger picture, the higher persepective, the sanctimonious view :-

So who actually is Anna Hazaare ?

Anna is a man unscathed by money
Anna is a man inimitable in honesty and dedication to nation
Anna is a man who has rid himself of the fear to lose anything and everything.

Anna is the embodiment of the fruit of sacrifice
Anna is a life conferred with the power of truth
Anna is a true follower of Gandhi fighting against the monarchy breed-ed by Gandhi's

Anna is the voice of those who can't speak
Anna is the eyes of those who can't see
Anna is the ears of those who cant hear
Anna is the hand of those who cant act

It was only befitting, that the battle went to the 'Ramleela ground' - a sacred stage, a witness for the timeless battle between bare-footed truth against chariot-ed evil.

Anna is the fear of a man unparalleled.
Anna is not a man of flesh anymore...

Anna is ANNA HAZAARE - the Voice, the Movement, the Precipice


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