Sunday, April 17, 2011

The fire within

Have you ever looked at fire closely?
Seen its flames rise and fall?
Swaying undeterred and unchallenged,
exploding and imploding at the same time!

In the recent times, i have developed a fancy of sorts with fire!
I am fascinated by how it burns through...
Burns through bone and flesh, blood and sweat...
to give way to the eternal ether... the purity, the truth within.

It is the ultimate test,
of visceral human vulnerability subjected to the pinnacles of divinity.
The fear of being burnt and carrying the scar is what scares you.

Look at those flames closely, and you will realize,

there is something else that moves in the same manner when
subjected to the test of truth - one's Vanity.

That those are not flames of fire that move,
it is one's vanity which struggles to escape,
burning, twisting, shape-shifting...