Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kya baat kar raha hai !!!

This blog entry will continue to grow as and when i come up with some interesting khichdi material :)

To err is human, but to really
foul things up... u need a computer.

When the going gets tough,
the tough gets going,
and comes real close to you !

"There is nothing like 'maybe' ,
either you are pregnant or you are not.
There's nothing like somewhat pregnant. "

- by Umesh Dhingra, our GD-PI faculty at CL

I Thought women were from Venus....ONLY !!!

After reading today's newspaper... there was this inevitable eenkling in me.. i HAD to write this.

We are always 'hypnotized' to believe "Men are from Mars and Women from Venus" but wait a minute... whats this ? a picture from NASA shows a supposedly 'naked' women outstretching her arm on Mars !!! Obviously the BIG question of the day is Is there life on the barren lands of Mars ???

Well the hype is natural for the media. but there are a few questions that come to my mind !!!

how do they (the scientists, media and whatever...) know that 'it' is naked ?
and it is a female ???
or they just went on like

" ohk it appears to be naked.... might as well make it a female... who likes to see nude males anyhow... "

well one things for sure... if any of the hindi news channels, barring only a few, get the chance of interviewing this lone lady, they would go like "hows the night life there ?" or "are there men also ?" and then "how many boyfriends have u had ?" "kisi ke saath aapka nainmatakka bhi hua tha ?... kya aapke pas video hai ?" and all the shit ...

Nevertheless, lets not get distracted from the topic... :P

Now, the very sound of women being on mars brings some interesting thoughts.

is this like Women Empowerment or something !?!?!? After battling it out successfully here on earth.... they have stepped on men's shoulders (i urge u to visualize this...its a lot meaningful that way...try it) they have started the conquest for mars !!!

i mean the only private place left for the battered male is under attack !!!! this is serious shit man !!!

What.... u dont agree with me... then look around. First place would be the IDIOT BOX. Do u see a single ad of a male consumer item WITHOUT a female in it ??? i mean talk about electronic items, cars, bikes, clothes, accessories, and even the male inner wear ads are full of female models !!!!!!!! i mean this is the heights.... this is literally going to the dogs... do u ever see a MAN in ads that are targeted for women consumers. do u see a man in a perfume add or a soap add or a saree ad (i know it seems illogical but just compare it with ads of male clothes !) or u might see me as an extremist when i say that there is no male in a womens inners ads !!! (mind u - m not complaining on this one - this is the way it shud be !) but just look at the disparity man...

is there any place or any thing that belongs solely in the domain of males ???? everything has been overpowered by the farer sex. (again - the self proclaimed 'farer' see what i mean !!! )

on the other hand is this also one of the many male fantasies or more appropriately the caveman's innate Tribal Instincts that are at work when he sees that organism on Mars as a lady bird !!!!!!

( @female readers : Looks like we have a La Fight at hand...aye )

Truth be told...even science says that men will be an extinct species in the near future. ( @ for all u nocturnal birds out there) Even procreation will be in control of your femme fatale !!! Seems more like recreation will be the only thing expected of us.

Well then....guess it IS really time for us to retreat.
might as well make the most of it njoyable....

Bon soir.... :)