Saturday, March 27, 2010

The feeling that is sinking in

Today, or more specifically - Tonight, this.... this 'thing' hit me again! and this time, its one time too many. I feel all alone once again and I don't know whether its they who have changed or its me! I know for certain that i have changed - but did i change in this way!? or is it that i am seeing what i want to see ! i don't know for certain...

I feel like i am growing distant to it all. and the worst part is... that i don't have anyone to help me out on this one. i cant go to them and ask why have you become so different ? You weren't like this ? were you ? i can feel the differences among us growing... i can see the ways parting.

One of the life's biggest questions that you face at times is, whom do you turn for help when the ones you trust are the ones in question ? When you don't feel like being part of them anymore... when you are not at peace with who you are or what you have become...

Oddly enough, the answer comes from no-one but you !!!
The answer is always within you, either you are not ready to accept it,
or you want to hear it out loud from someone, if not God himself!

In my case, an old friend reminded me of my own words and showed me the way.
All i have to do now is walk!!!

No matter how lonesome the path may be, 
no matter how testing the ways may be,
i have to keep walking... its the only way to reach 
the destination... its the only answer to all my questions...


* this month of March, March of 2010... its different.... there is definitely something very peculiar about it... something just doesn't feel normal about it! This whole month has been topsy turvy...

* i feel happy by day and sad by night. Once upon a time it used to be the opposite though.

* I think this is definitely one of the confusing posts that i have written, and will leave the reader befuddled!!! - mainly because a lot of thoughts, emotions, and a barrage of feelings have accosted me at this point of time and i have tried to write about one of them, hiding all other when they are desperately trying to break loose!