Monday, March 26, 2007


Before starting to write some serious stuff about the movie, i must mention that there were a few 'other' stories realted to it as well.

Bon, alors.....

I liked the storyline. The movie had immense potential.

The story is all about belief and faith.

Interestingly, i came across the difference in faith and beleif as the linguistics define it...
Faith is something which u have because of your conditioning, the way u hv been brought up.
Whereas beleif is something u do by your own will !!!

If you beleive in yourself, and have faith then nothing is impossible !!!

It teaches us about responsibility. If you are true, and u know you can bring about a change , then its not your choice, but your responsibilty to do so.


Okay…so this is my first book after “The Da Vinci Code” ….

N I loved it. I don’t know why some people declared it as a boring one…but I liked it, may be because I didn’t compare it with 5 point someone…

This book had 5 characters Shyam, Vroom, Priyanka, Esha, Radhika n Military Uncle, …okay that makes 6 of ‘em in total !!!

Since the book has been written as if narrated by shyam, so I’m gonna talk about him, vroom n of course her lady love…Priyanka.

Well its been a long time since I has started this post as a draft and m completin it after months !!!!

So I guess I should just explain my gist of the story, what I saw !

There is a Shyam in all of us !!! An insecure guy craving for some things but just finds himself helpless.

Oh so much he wants that thing but just finds it slipping away from his hands… the tighter he tries to grip it, the more slippery it becomes.

How can he hold onto it??? Can he just let go the things which were once his???
Which he could have cherished forever ???

And then, something happens to him. He realizes that he will lose everything if he doesn't break loose. Contrary to the normal, he decides to part ways with this thing, accompanied by breaking away all that bound him.

But he had trust in himself (to be completed........)