Monday, December 31, 2007

2007..... - > 0010 1000

There are only 10 kind of people in this world...
those who understand binary, and those who don't :)

Finally, the year 2007 is about to get over,
at this very point in time. a year ago we were all waiting
for 2007, and now, how we abandon it,
to make room for the new one !

Everyone greets the new year in his or her own way.
some spend it partying...'DJing' around the city
some cook lavish dinners,
some like to pamper, go shopping,
while the lazy ones just hang around n 'cozy' up
to the idiot box.

while amongst this all, when one doesn't celebrate,
when one feels nothing new about it, what shall he do ???
what does he think when he sees everyone around him party ???
on one hand, he perceives it as a waste of time, a frivolous act to fool oneself,
but on the other hand, he craves ....
craves to find that one reason to celebrate,
one that would make him look forward to the new year,
one that would make him spontaneous again,
one that would make him act foolish again,
one that would make jump with joy,
one that would make him free...

one that would end his painful longing...

As for me, lets c how 2008 turns out to be !!!

2007 was all the usual stuff with unusual things... :)

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Logos and their Meanings...

Company Logos and their Meanings

Ever wondered what company logos mean and whats
the significance behind them? Wonder no more!


You might think the arrow does nothing here. But it
says that has everything from a to z and
it also represents the smile brought to
the customer's face. Wow, that is quite deep.


Eighty-20 is a small consulting company which does
sophisticated financial modeling, as well as some solid
database work. All their work is highly quantitative and
relies on some serious computational power, and the logo is meant to convey it.

People first guess that 20% of the squares are
darkened, but that turns out to be false after counting them. The trick is to view the dark squares as 1's and
the light squares as 0's.
Then the top line reads 1010000 and the bottom line reads 0010100, which represent 80 and 20 in binary.

Kinda like the surreal gr een screen of The Matrix, they
want us to read stuff in binary


Am not sure how many of you have noticed a hidden
symbol in the Federal Express logo.
Yeah, I am talking about the 'arrow' that you can see
between the E and the x in this logo. The arrow was
introduced to underscore speed and precision, which are
part of the positioning of the company.


Paul Rand (who designed the iconic IBM log o in 1972)
designed this 'eye bee M' logo in 1981.
I like that they are quite relaxed about the logo,
unlike certain other companies who do not like the logo to be tampered with in any way even for internal promotions


The SUN Microsystems logo is a wonderful example of
symmetry and order. It was a brilliant observation that
the letters u and n while arranged adjacent to each
other look a lot like the letter S in a
perpendicular direction.

Families Marriage

The above are two magazines from the Readers Digest
stable. Again, the attempt to communicate what it is
about quite figuratively through the logo catches my


This was a logo created for a puzzle game called Cluenatic. This game involves unravelling four clues.
The logo has the letters C, L, U and E arranged as a maze. and from a distance,
the logo looks like a key


This logo is too good. For the name Eight, they have
used a font in which each letter is a minor adaptation
of the number 8.

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