Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Falling in Love - Part 1

What is falling in love?

Falling in love is trying to steal a glance of her every now n then.
It is finding excuses to text her, even when in company.
It is to turn around and come back to say bye even after leaving.
It is to sleep to the fear of sleeptalking her name.
It is to day dream of her and keep that smile from blooming.
It is to close the door and dance away to the hidden amorous songs.
It is to stand in front of the mirror and grin from ear to ear.
It is to think of urself growing fat.
It is to spray that extra whiff of deo.
It is to try and keep ur wallet full.
It is to try and talk her out someplace.
It is to think to oneself after a talk, "oh shit, that was a SIGN!!! DUH!!!"

It is to watch her pics on fb again.
It is to go through her profile again and again.
It is to think before commenting on her pic twice, thrice, quatro...
It is to wait for her gtalk-id desperately.
It is to save her pics away in a passworded folder.
It is to want her to upload more of her pics.
It is to conspire against 'others'.
It is to make space for her in ur lazily busy weekends

It is to think of ways of writing all this in a hope that she understands m writing for her and yet keep it mystery to others!
It is rising by falling. But there is a reason it's called falling and not rising - for in a free fall, u can't really use the brakes now can u =)