Sunday, August 20, 2006

Killing me softly...

He's coming...

I can see him,
I can feel him.
He has decided to kill me,
he had earlier as well,
but this time,
only its not a threat.

He is my friend,
yet he is my foe,
He is right ,
yet he is wrong,
He was there with me all along,
times be good or bad,
but this time he has given me a choice,
which is the toughest i have ever had.

I want to think
yet he wants me to follow,
I want to talk,
yet he wants me to be silent,
He wants me to have no Friends,
He wants me to be lonely,

He wants me to die,
die solemnly...

I want to escape,
but i don't want to survive either,
atleast not like this,
the way he wants me to be...

The time has come,
Time of Change,
On the brink of destruction,
is the one who is caged.

The One who is caged,
wants to be free,
not from the cage,
but the rage within.
For then, there would be no bars,
no restrictions,
no relations,
no customs.

In all darkness,
amidst this mist,
I shoudl tell u his name,
for he is the culprit.

In search of serenity,
in search of calm,
he is going to sacrifice me,
with his own arms.

Yes, you know him,
but you don't recognize him.
He's coming...
I can see him,
I can feel him,

He is known by the name of 'ME'...

He is killing me,
killing me softly...