Friday, June 13, 2014

चलता जा...

वो बारिश ही क्या, जो भिगोये ना,
वो धूप ही क्या, जो झुलसाए ना ।

वो रास्ता ही क्या, जो भटकाए ना,
वो मंज़िल ही क्या, बेसब्र जो बनाये ना।

वो सागर ही क्या, गोते जो खाये ना,
वो कश्ती ही क्या, जो डगमगाए ना ।

वो दिल ही क्या, जो बहकाये ना,
वो दिमाग ही क्या, जो भरमाये ना ।

तो पथिक, चलता जा...,
वो ज़िन्दगी ही क्या, जो थकाये ना ?

- भुवनेश अग्रवाल
(20140613, 10:43 AM)

Friday, April 11, 2014


So how does being directionless feels?
It's as if you are standing in the middle of nowhere and winds from all sides come
Brazing u! spinning round and round so that any direction u seem to grasp, if at all, is taken away.

Sitting here, I feel like familiar to all this. Lovers holding hands, friends pulling each other's leg, families strolling around - it all feels so familiar to the downtown. Is it the sights. Or is it the sounds in the air. 
I see happy faces, pretty faces, careless faces, decked up faces, lost faces…
To sit in silence while everyone else around you bustles is like singing a song to oneself. Free the lyrics, free the rhythm, delirious the singer, amusing the tone.

Sitting amidst the lush grey concrete jungle, is this place, where people loosen up just a little of their suited ties. Where people remember and yet forget.
I see wait-ers, I see loners, I see likers and may be some haters, basically just onlookers.
I see various people - each with their own uniqueness, each with their own story, each on their own - to take on there world, or be with it!

What does it feel to be directionless?
Is it to look outside and find urself or is it not to find, but search for oneself in the innumerable places u have been, the thousands u have seen, the hundreds with whom your eyes meet, the tens with whom u talk, and the one u touch!

How does one know when he is directionless ?
Is it to loose your sense of direction, or is it to loose your will to find one.

I guess it is to not know what u r doing and still having to move forward.

I think it is the urge to find oneself that has the most intense of directionless-ness.

Whenever u r transforming, u sense this utter loss of direction, the loss of control and the uncertainty and anxiety of what it's gonna become.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A musing thought

I used to write several smileys in chats.
Then somebody said i shouldn't.
And eventually, i realized, that i don't.


Thursday, December 13, 2012

all that heart wants

The heart doesn't want lavish things,
it only needs little things to be happy.

A glance of the eye,
A smile of the face,
A voice calling out the name
A touch of hesitation...

Quintessential by its appearance,
delusional by its very nature...
- Hope.

All it needs is an assurance of knowing,
A gesture of unease,
A hint of acknowledgement,
and a display of zeal.

All it needs is an unexpected wait,
And an insatiable 'bye...'


Sunday, November 20, 2011