Saturday, May 28, 2011

Pyaar ka 'Dhishoom'nama

Man... this movie is THE ground reality!
and its been quite a while since someone took to the cause of us poor boys! ;)

So lets begin... a true movie about boys and girls - 
their fallacies in relationships,
their expectations and 
their foolishness! 

The Leads! :

Liquid: Typical frustrated padhakoo types. Padhai toh kar li, naukri bhi lag gayi, par kuch kami hai... haan - ladki kabhi nahin mili. aur na milne ka nateeja... choona toh bahut duur... kabhi baat karna bhi naseeb nahi hua! And oh yeah,  he is not gay, otherwise he would have been happier. PS: (Obvious from the above!) Never was in a relationship before.

Rajat: The good(-ie) guy - honest in the relationship, committed and sincere, romantic at heart, lovey-dovey right from the outset  - the most eligible (or, to pacify, read vulnerable) to become the proverbial  'kutta', and yes, he does become one! 

Choudhary: The cool dude, the guru the other two consult. The guy who knows the cool and casual ways. Interestingly, he is the only one having success reading girls! he can see before it happens! but again - he himself is strangled in a dilemma - her girl is not free from her ex! What to do now!? previous relationship status - not known, but going from his ways in the movie, he has an experienced head on his shoulders!

Now... moving on to the ('mis' (lol!!! 'miss') )leading Ladies...

Rajat's girlfriend: committed to her, very girly, but overtly controlling, demanding and arguably, the most beautiful of the three! (doesn't matter though). In short and crisp words, she is the most feared and dreaded type of them all - one u cant live with, one u cant live without, something i personally believe to be one of the reasons for the 7-year itch

Liquid's girlfriend: is technically wrong verbiage! She isn't even her girlfriend, she is just taking her for a ride! BIG TIME! is openly saying that she is not in love with him, but is then literally playing the 'more than a friend game' with him.

Choudhary's interest is grossly undermining the meaning of the word 'commitment'. She wants to leave her ex, but actually can't! why - she thinks she has things under control, when they actually aren't, but refuses to understand and follow choudhary's advice on the matter. reason that she gives is the o' so classical - its-her-personal-matter. Somebody go and tell her, of course it is your personal matter, very personal indeed... but that is the REASON why he is trying to help you... why else would someone take the pains to sort out someone else's mess! There are enough 'personal' headache's in one's own life! Choudhary being a guy himself knows how guys think, and thats why listening to him is probably a better choice! 

But all the three guys suffer from the same thing - they willingly allow themselves to be manipulated and do not express themselves when they need too.
Upto an extent, its needed to get into a rapport with the girl, to start a relationship,
but one should be careful to not let the other press the demolition button any time they want to!!!

The 3 also represent how guys ultimately respond to these situations :-

  1. Rajat: goes quite, silently accepts his slow death in the hands of the one he loves! (he still loves her, no doubt, coz of this only, he cant tell her to stop, but somehow wants things to go back to being rosy again)
  2. Liquid: confused as to cut off his contact with her completely. But he can't, because then he would loose the only girl he has talked to, the one whom he still talks to! As a result, feels stuck and betrayed, goes into depression, tries to assert himself by going to the  prostitutes! Ends up loosing more self esteem! Bad condition!
  3. Choudhary: Hoping against hopes, that his girl gives up her ex when he knows that its not the case. Time and again, he can see the evidence of wrongs in the girl, but he is stopped from breaking off, still hopeful that he can make it work, patiently waiting for her girl to decide. But he knows deep down that she is not free of him, and that he is unable to accept this form of commitment, if it at all is a commitment! Result - he has to break it off! himself! painful....

Among the several notable things, these things also stand out:-

The fact that they aren't just fooling with their partners, be it the male characters in the movie or females, but are also fooling themselves into believing that it could work out - by springing false truths, false yes' and false answers. You cannot start a relationship on lies and expect it to be full of truth and transparency later!

Liquid proposes a great idea! - An All Men's Union :D
Need i say more??? =D
He is right in saying that the girl ditching a boy should not be allowed by any other man to date with them - result is more careful and meticulous decisions rather than a sway of the moment! 

The movie briefly touches upon long distance relationships - one needs to practice austerity (quite literally) when in a long distance relationship. As a character in the movie said, "bf duur, toh support toh sabko chahiye..." true, but lets take that support minus the flirtation , shall we!

The movie also left a few questions in my mind,
What happens to the girls in the end?
well this is shown in the movie, rajo's girl finds a new 'kutta',
Liquid's girl keeps on fooling around with ppl to use them,
ditto for choudhary's interest, she is still confused.

What happens to these boys?
Will boys be boys?.... who knows???? ;)

Interestingly, if you think about it, all three were perfect husband material!
Rajat was the romantic boy, committed and sincere, who would keep her girl happy! What else would one want!
Liquid: Educated, well earning and clean background/history! He is the stable man one would want to be with!
Choudhary is the dashing youth, attractive, street smart and above all, not rash but sensible.

Still they are taken for a toss!

"rasm-e-duniya hai toh yehi,
pahunche koi koi..."

In the end, i would only sum up to say that its been a wonderful ride watching this movie.
And there is a lot more to write! But the intensity is such that it overwhelms senses!
If this movie helps even a single person, I would say the movie has served its purpose.

It will be remembered as a cult movie, which dared to show the reality to both sexes!

PS: if you get time, do read THE HINDU's review of the movie! Its nice!

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