Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Once bitten, twice shy, third time, it will be my turn to bite :)

At first, i was afraid, kinda shy. I had several reasons, the most prominent being my fear of water! In my previous river rafting trip, i was with my V5 group - the langotiya yaars! there was room for chickening out :D Also, the first time, i was almost in a frenzy, too excited a state to fear... but this time, i was much more in my senses, quite literally too, if u know what i mean ;D.

And so it began, late at night, after dinner, a spook and a few -you know what. I was tired at first, willing to wither away cozily into the night, but the sheer excitement of being together is something that can keep you up and awake all night long!

Day -1 : after a long wait, ah... a sight for sour eyes... and sour 'chunnu-munnu' i say, its about time! ;D

We finally got to ride something other than our Innovas - a raft. But hold your horses, for this was a ferry raft, to take us to our camps - a beautiful sight of white sand and stones, tents waiting under the shadow of the mountains, the river singing its song, sunlight kissing the peaks and the cool breeze playing with your hair... sigh...!!!

I couldn't resist this feast for eyes and soon after unpacking, went wandering alone into the stones. While some played volleyball and others freshened up, i went talking to the Ganga! Sweet, harmonious, swift and mighty... embrace the waters and all your tiredness goes away.

Soon after having some breakfast, we were roaring to go - bring it on baby!!!

As usual, we started with the safety instructions and all that jazz. Boarded the raft and minutes after, it went all wet and soggy =D, what with all the body surfing, hands-free 'kayaking', basking in the waters, getting all 'teamy' against the neighbour rafts, it was all too much fun! Divya's face was one of the kodak moments of our trip. When the instructor first told us to go dip in the Ganga, she was so enthused, she dint even count to 3 and jumped - but dear o' dear... she was gasping for air the second later - 'saari hawa nikal gayi' ;D

And how can our beloved cliff jumping be left behind!!! ;D

Daringly enough (lol), i was the first one to jump off the cliff - but as is the problem with being punctual, there was no one to appreciate me :P I was like - i will hit the water NOW... i will hit the water NOW.... i will hit the water NOW....!!! when the hell will i brrrbrrrbrrrbrrrbrrrbrrbrbrbr... - i did it :D
Kirti's 'k'ase was as intersting one here. She was a victim of 'peer pressure'. 'Ab toh main kood hi jaaon... isi main bhalaayi hai... nahin toh sab pakad ke khoob maarenge!' ;D
Golf Course and Roller Coaster were the two biggies out there that we enjoyed the most!

After a thoroughly tiring drift, we attacked the food like hell! Don't remember how it tasted, but yeah... it felt delicious ;)

On the way back to our camps... we literally switched off and went into hibernation! but after reaching there... our batteries were somehow magically charged and while some of us went for rappelling and rock climbing, others simply chit-chatted.

 What ensued thereafter was the most cherishable moment of the trip for me - those three mugs of tea sitting together at the Ganges, discussing about love, life, relationships,  events...future, past, present, ... friends, parents, people... =)

As it got darker, the bonfire mood began to catch up! But somehow, sitting there in the circle, i still felt alone... although i was able steal a moment or two for myself, but quickly realised i should keep this feeling at bay, lest it resume control and ruin everything. After that, was an interesting round of useless introductions and dinner. But wait... the night didn't get over at this! There's more than just 'night trekking' to it! - with all the mortal souls in front of me, it was a scare fest...(evil grin...) hahaha. Boy o' boy... that was some night to remember. Oh and I did hear the next day from a few boys that someone in the group was being carried by 6 people across the whole trekk. How i missed 'victimising' her! =D

The weather was so nice, that some of us decided to sleep outside our camps and under the stars - a la 'Taaron ki chaaon main' =D. The night was a bit less starry though, due to clouds. However, as i suddenly woke up in the middle of the night for some strange inexplicable reason, i found the night sky adorned with all kinds of stars and constellations. The next thing i remember is waking up to a camera cheese in the morning - being freshly served by Maryam of course :D.

After that was a thrilling session of Rock Climbing and Rappelling. And believe me, i am not telling you even the half of it when i say that somehow i felt my monkey instincts made me do it that day =D

And thereafter we had the wall... or should i write The WALL !!! The mother of 'em all - this was really hyper stuff - the real sh** if you know what i mean :P. So much so that i was scared into going through it in a larger raft than others - for its chances of flipping were lesser. As fate had it, our raft did not flip, but not before throwing out two of its members - and i was right there... in the balcony seat, eating popcorns. Must confess - it was FUN FUN FUN lolu :D :D :D 

After a few more rapids in the river, we were changing clothes for Delhi.
This is still not the end! For some of the best times we had were now! With Maryam in the drivers seat and no license, one could only imagine the laugh riot that engulfed us!!! I am telling you, even as i write this line, i can have cramps in my stomach anytime ;D.
After having chai-cum-'thunda'-cum-dinner at a dhaba, we decorated a stage for the shayars and the 'shayaree's'.
Bewafai ki baat chali thi toh maine socha main bhi ek sher maar doon - par khambakht sher bhi usi ki tarah dhokha de gaya, kareeb aane se pehle hi dughaa de gaya!!! - wah wah - wah wah :P

After the 'Mehfil' and a fixed flat tyre that ironically is labelled to be 'flat-free'! we set sail again to our complacent lives!

After flying for a few more hours, we wake up to the reality again,

In the wee hours of the morning, with half opened weary eyes, we wished our fair-bid adieus.

With new friends in hands and new memories in our hearts,
we parted to be together again, we forgot... to be remembered again!