Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy New Year 2.0.!.!

This post was long due!
As the title of the post suggests, it was actually due since 1st Jan 2011, but i had thought 
lets post it at some good news. 

Came Feb, went March,
wounded April, strangled May,
and June 2011 delivered the final blow.

From mid-2010 started the difficult period.
A perfectly merry time before mid year (2010). Lots of reasons to be happy, work going great, challenges coming along the way, great group of buddies at work, working hard and partying harder!
Then came time to take the next step. And i did! This was the time i developed a fancy of sorts with fire - bright yellow and later, blue, defying gravity and purifying into ether.

In these past 4 months, i have been denied 9 times!
I carefully use the word 'denied' rather than 'rejected', because i now know the painful difference!

Ironically, i caught this word in one of them mails themselves! lolzz...

To be denied one after the other in a row,  feels like someone grabbed you by your neck sheared you against a wall, all the while zipping ahead and grinning cruelly!

All i could content myself with, God has its own ways!

Not all was bad though!
When i look back at the past decade, it has given me a lot of things!
Taught me so much, gave me so much, took away so much, stood tall and dictated me so much...

2000 was the year of my academic and intellectual awakening - the year i stepped into class 9th. Science exhilarated me so much back then!
2010 culminated the decade by rewarding me several national level accolades at CSC.

Clearing IIT-JEE 2004 was arguably the bigges event for me. 
But what was even bigger a life-changer, was its preparation. The two years i devoted and sacrificed to it were one of the most memorable ones i ever had! Such determination, such hard-work, such focus, such difficulties, such challenges, such people, such friends, and last but the most important of all, such teachers!
I will never forget! 

As it turned out, it was the only victory this decade was to award me. That too, half heartedly!

Sigh... i take a deep breath...

This decade also brought me the love of my life - computers.
When it began, i had no idea of what a computer is all about, just an eagerness to sit in front of it and type away. 

And look at me now! 

I have a lavishly self-assembled Windows XP desktop at home , a luxurious Vaio Laptop in possession (with windows 7 and Ubuntu) and a macbook (MacOS X Snow Leopard) from office!
Seriously! One would think what more could one want!

Then there were other loves that it gave me!
One in the beginning, and one at the end! 
8 years apart! 

I was such a case back then!
I am such a case, even now!

I started off empty handed,
now i have a lot of things on my name and then there are some...

I entered this decade on a bicycle, pedaling my way through to tuitions and school, graduated to motorcycle in college, and the decade gifts me my own car while parting ways!

Another memory of sorts was a mole on my left hand!
I remember that just before entering 9th, probably somewhere in the middle of 8th class, I bought a metal strap watch. With it eventually appeared a mole on my left wrist.
The mole grew noticeable and gradually became a part of me!
I tried a few times to get it removed though, but all in vain.
Came 2010 and finally after a week long ordeal, i was free of it!
I still have a mark on the wrist - makes me remember a few things at times.

I started off listening to radio on my sony walkman,
i now have an ipod touch!

I started off watching K serials on star plus,
i now have an enviable collection of movies and music!

I started off as a science student,
now i see Science taking me towards its extremity - Art!

As i step into the next decade,
and as half the year is already gone, disappointing and crass,
I can only go higher from here.

The next decade is going to be even more significant than the past one.
While this decade made me learn through my defeats,
i feel the weariness to win in the next.

It is going to bring more responsibilities, more possibilities,
more people, more friends,
more events, more experiences,
more challenges, more fears, more opportunities...
Additions in family,  and may be a painful goodbye towards the end,
i have to be ready for it all!

I will keep trying... i have to...
...everyone has to...

“All human wisdom is summed up in two words - wait and hope”
                                                                    - Alexandre Dumas Pรจre